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Virtual Reality

What is Gaming Live!?

“Gaming Live!” are unique gaming events in the city of Charleston, SC. We provide a curated selection of Virtual Reality, Console, PC LAN*, and Mobile gaming experiences in a social atmosphere. In addition to the gaming experiences, we offer an ever growing community of fun, local gamers! Each event is a little different, offering both competitive and casual gaming experiences, tournaments, and more! So if you love gaming or maybe you are just curious about VR and want a check it out, we’ve got a place for you at Reforged Gaming Lounge!

How does Gaming Live! work?

Reforged Gaming Lounge offers multiple "Gaming Live!" events monthly with our hosts and promote them actively on our website and social media. You can follow the links provided to see more. We offer various pricing options to our hosts to accommodate virtually any occasion.




Want to host Gaming Live!?!

Just submit the inquiry below to get all the details!

Gaming Live! Host Inquiry Form












*Only when network requirements are met and space is available.

Success! Message received.

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